CT-guided Surgery

At Oral Surgeons, P.C., we utilize the latest technology to provide our patients with the highest quality of care available in the country. Within our office located on Fleur Drive, we have a cone-beam CT scanner that is capable of providing 3-dimensional images of your jaws and teeth. The technology has many useful applications that range from evaluating cysts or tumors present in the jaws to assessing the available bone present prior to treatment planning dental implants.

The surgeons at Oral Surgeons, P.C., evaluate each individual patient at the time of their consultation and decide whether a CT scan is necessary for effective treatment of that patient. After obtaining a CT scan, our surgeons can work with your restorative dentist to fully evaluate your dental implant options based on the available bone in your jaws. Using special software programs, the surgeons and your dentist can actually place implants into the 3-D images of your jaws and have a surgical guide fabricated to transfer their computer planning to the actual surgery in your mouth. This technology is so precise that sometimes dental implants can placed without any incisions or stitches in your gums!

The video on this page explains one of the most advanced techniques used in oral surgery today. Given ideal circumstances (i.e. adequate bone, healthy patient, excellent oral hygiene), your dentist and our surgeons can fabricate a prosthesis that can be placed and retained by the implants on the same day that the implants were placed. Ask your dentist or one of our surgeons about this technique at the time of your consultation.

Here are some images that demonstrate the advanced technology of a cone beam CT scanner:

Oral Surgeons, P.C. photo of dental skeleton1
Oral Surgeons, P.C. photo of dental skeleton2
Oral Surgeons, P.C. photo of dental skeleton3